Working Together- Striving for Excellence

Workplace Communication

A Brand New workshop which focuses on building good relationships between staff and team leaders in the office.

  • The focus in on attitude in the workplace – each and every day.
  • How do we tolerate the “grumpy faced” guy each day?
  • Business Etiquette, manners, dress sense, talking to colleagues.
  • Change in Gender perception (should we still let ladies walk through the door first?)
  • Why was Peter promoted to Supervisor and not me?
  • “It’s not my job” I only answer the phone!
  • Why do smokers get more “breaks” than we do?
  • Timekeeping-absenteeism- coping with workforce change.
  • Use of bad language; body language and poor communication.
  • Recognise that people have different needs, attitudes, abilities and personalities.
    Acceptance and tolerance is the key!
  • Build your staff into a great team.

All this…………….and much more in this unique workshop which will ensure that your workplace has More Smiles and Laughter than….Frowns.

Target Audience:

All levels of staff and team leaders, who wish to build better workplace relationships.