Supervising Basics: Managing Staff Made Easy

Incorporating the Supervisor/The Staff and The Team

For all staff who are supervisors/heads of department or aspire to become supervisors. This course deals with the essential skills needed in a supervisory capacity and will prepare staff for promotion to a leadership position. Covers communication skills, vision, organisation, motivation; look at what is happening in your area, listen to your employees, lead by example, laugh, make employees’ safety your priority; delegate by example! An essential tool for all staff!!

The Following will be covered in the Course:

  1. Skills and responsibilities needed for effective supervision
  2. Effective Communication is essential: what causes barriers to communications for Supervisors
  3. Supervisory responsibilities: Recruitment, orientation and training; managing productivity, coaching; discipline
  4. Supervisory tools: performance management; developing leaders
  5. Employee Assistance: Counselling, coaching; improving performance; managing conflict; managing time and change
  6. 4 Ways to curb absenteeism in the workplace
  7. Tips and Tools for everyday training
  8. Building an effective Team; how to ensure that your company has the right people, with the right skills, in the right job at the right time. Minimize conflict in your department and boost productivity
  9. How to guide your staff along the path to success; setting objectives; planning; decision making; organising; managing communication; delegation
  10. Motivate your employees to be star performers.

 DVD’S Will be shown during the Workshop.

  • “How to connect in Business in 90 Seconds”
  • “Its not my Job”!!!!!
  • “Fish Philosophy”