Exceptional Customer Service…and More

This workshop will energize staff and improve customer service. Creates a more worker-friendly environment……..a powerful and uplifting boost to the morale and energy of staff. Encourages creativity and innovation  as well as teamwork and engagement.

In an increasingly competitive market place, building a business ultimately comes down to providing excellent service. This can only be done by promoting a service culture in your company, so that you can gain the advantage to keep customers coming back and to be successful in  competitive service industries.

Course content:

  • The need for Service Excellence-……”You don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression!” Developing people Skills…….S-M-I-L-E!!
  • Communicating for Service excellence in the workplace-Verbal and non-verbal communication –Communicating with other staff , supervisors and customers
  • Moments of Truth….”any episode in which a customer comes into contact with any aspect of the organization and gets an impression of the quality of its service”
  • Delivering Service Excellence is the kind of service that makes a positive, lasting impression on your customers (“Give ‘em the Pickle”-DVD )
  • Attitude and Behaviour in the Workplace
  • Adapting to change in the Workplace-remember change is inevitable
  • Telephone skills…answer that phone in 3 rings and smile!
  • Handling Difficult customers
  • Putting the customer first…….go that extra mile! (“Give ‘em the Pickle!!! Programme – video and discussion)
  • Absenteeism in the workplace
  • Presenteeism: Staff not working to full potential-impact on collegues
  • “How to make an instant connection with the Customer” (DVD
  • “The Customer is King” (DVD)
  • Building effective teams is the basis of Service Excellence: Commitment to the team
  • The Fish Philosophy!! A Powerful Motivational experience (Video)