Essential Sales Skills

Marketing and Selling your Product

This workshop will equip you with the essentials for success in selling your product or service. An excellent training workshop for all persons involved in sales. Draw up a step-by-step Sales and Marketing Plan. A valuable tool for new staff and a great booster for staff already involved in sales. Learn the art of Salesmanship-future trends in sales, up-selling techniques and sales skills!

Acquire 10 Valuable Sales Tips!
This course covers the essential aspects of Sales and Marketing.

The following Topics will be covered:

  • An introduction to Sales and Marketing; Competition in the Workplace
  • The Importance of Sales for your Company
  • The Marketing Plan-Why draw up a Marketing and Business Plan?
  • The Marketing Mix
  • The Sales Profession.
  • The Sales Office: Characteristics of successful salespeople, organizing the sales office, training sales staff.
  • The Art of Salesmanship.
  • Recruiting and Hiring Effective Sales Staff. The importance of attitude.
  • The Sales Team-Essential Characteristics.
  • Sales techniques: Personal Sales, types of sales calls. The Presentation Sales Call, the Sales Kit. Closing techniques.
  • Essential Sales Skills.
  • Upselling
  • Advertising and Public Relations – How to plan for Effective Promotions.
  • Tips on how to market your product or service.
  • The Fish Philosophy-Benefits of Fish: (VIDEO AND GROUP DISCUSSION)
  • Energizes staff-Improves customer service, increases sales and creativity in the workplace. A fun-filled motivational experience!